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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
11:39 am - That wasn't dandruff
but for the first time since I have moved to NYC, it is snowing!!!!!

current mood: dorky

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Monday, December 1st, 2003
7:10 pm - Why is there no more anger inside of me?
Is it because I made myself believe that I was angry?
That's a good question. I will get back to you when I have the answer.

"If you keep playing with those stupid toys you are going to turn into one those things!"
"that's the idea"

current mood: confused

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Monday, November 24th, 2003
11:31 am - Unleashing the Evil Twin
Something is brewing in Metropolis. What once was dead is back instead!

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Friday, June 22nd, 2001
4:32 pm - My lunch today!!!
my lunch was awesome, I went out with all
my former workers at ROCK104 and we went to Olive Garden. It was the
waitresses birthday so I got the whole place including a group of kids to
sing her Happy Birthday. She just stood there and blushed it was way cute.
She invited me to her party tonight. Yes! anyways yeah so I had fun, I miss
being on the radio. everyone just sat there and told me how much fun I was
and stuff. ahhh my ego! I love olive garden too. It has to be one of the
best resturante around. well that is cheap anyways. and you are always full
when you walk out of there. cause of the salad and bread sticks alone. I
had egg plant parmesean just like momma used to make!

current mood: hyper

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3:19 pm - What I will be doing for MTV
lots and lots of skits, mostly for the stupid show sink of swim. remember if you see me that it is only an act and I do not normally act like that. oh what am I saying of course I act like that all the time!!!!!!!

I think I will dress up like Christina in the Lady Marmalade video! That would be fun!

you can still get your copy of Mark on Letterman by emaling me at mtherrien22@hotmail.com!

current mood: bouncy

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11:18 am - Spoofing Lady Marmalade
Ok so I have decided to write a parody on the song which could in fact be preformed on MTV, but I need everyone's help.

How can you spoof this song?

Tell me

current mood: dorky

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11:15 am - MTV CALLED!!!!!
Yes yes its true its true I am in fact MTV!

I will be headed to Tampa tomorrow for a formal interview, and then it is off to KEY WEST!

want know what I will be doing???

current mood: excited

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Sunday, June 17th, 2001
12:05 am - MTV may haven't called, but I couldn't help myself I had to answer that Pay Phone just in case!
So you all want to know about my trip to NYC! Well here it goes.

For once it was my chance to be a tourists. First of all I love New Yorkers. So down to Earth, so real, so straight forward and honest. I could definitely live there, and I hope to in three years but I gots earn some dough first.

Anyhow I saw all the sights. A Boradway show on Friday. It was Rent. A little dark, but very entertaining. A very good message as well. Go see it when it comes to your down. Then me and Mel went to check out the peep shows, but they dont have live girls anymore. Instead they are just porn movies that you can watch for like 50 seconds a quarter. Boring.

Saturday we checked out the Statue of Liberty. I am such a history buff, and I was so overly impressed. I never imagined just how huge she was. "Kind of makes wonder. If she is Naked under that toga!" <---- what movie?????

ok Sunday we went shopping, and then we went to see the Yankees vs the Braves! Got a great pic for Joyce of a certain little known pitcher of the Braves who started that night, and here is the best part... John Rocker was pitching in the bull pen! That was classic cause New Yorkers love him, NOT! It was so much fun seeing them get thrown out for swearing at Rocker, and then Rocker retaliating!

Monday saw the Dinosaurs at the Museum a Natural History! Awesome

ok ok enough with the boring details her comes the good stuff! I had to make you sweat didnt i???

Ok so me and Dave Letterman go way back. I used to tape his show everynight, and then watch him when I came home from school. So we shared a laugh all the time. My favorite stuff is what he does on the street with the people. So needless to say one of the things I wanted to was see Dave live. Well I found out that it is easier to win the New York State lottery rather than get in to see Dave, but I dont take no for an answer! So anyways I didnt get in, but taking a quote from my own Philosophy, "You have to put yourself in position to where fate gives you your one big break!" So it turns out that Dave, Paul, and Rupert the owner of Hello Deli on 53rd Street were partaking in a game called "Pay Phone Trifecta!" The object of the game was for all three to call a different pay phone on the corner of 53rd and Broadway right next to The Ed Sullivan Theatre. So whoever was the first to answer this very very very low ring of the pay phone would be the big winner!

Ok well it just so happens that your favorite LJ poster, ME!, just so happened to put himself in the right place at the right time, and picked up the phone. The next thing I know there is Ruperts and cameras and girls and a big check! And then Dave, my friend, starts talking to me asking me all sorts of questions! And he goes, "Congratulations you're the big winner!" With me replying, "What did I win?" a laugh from the crowd! and I was instantly a star! Ok so these models bring in this check that says 1 million dollars. Ok so at this point my face is in complete shock! I really thought I won a million dollars, but no it was all a joke. But I did manage to check a Hello Deli T-shirt in which Rupert signed!!!!!

So dreams do come true, I am now a Television superstar!!!!!!!!!! Of course out of work at the moment but I just know MTV saw me and is going to call now! Right?????

Ok so in case you missed it I have made many copies and can easily send it to you! For your free copy of Me on Dave Letterman, simply email me at mtherrien22@hotmail.com!

Ok so that was my trip. I know I know not to exciting!

current mood: amused

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Thursday, June 14th, 2001
7:38 pm - ok before I tell you about NYC!!!!!
I have to ask if anyone just so happened to watch Letterman on Tuesday night!!!!!!!!

Just wondering!

for those of you reading this please respond:

no MARK... what happened????

or yes it was so funny, were you there or something????

by the way this is was is called a tease until I post my amazing story

current mood: jumpy

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Thursday, June 7th, 2001
10:59 am - Good Bye
"Hey I am in New York! I've got a gun let's go to a broadway show!"

Ok if anyone can tell me what movie that is from I will give you a fabulous prize.

Good Bye everyone, I am leaving for NYC I will be sure to get you all something!

current mood: dorky

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2001
3:31 pm
You measure a parent by the success of their children!!! My friend Melissa and I are going to New York, and we even have a ride to the airport. ok that may seem like no big deal to you but
lemme just tell you a story about Liz's parents. Ok they look as if they have the perfect household. I mean for one they are actually still married, which is a shocker, and they live in a beautiful home. They go to all the Gators games, have parties and stuff. They should have the Ward and June Cleaver home life, but they are rediculous when it comes to their kids. They wouldn't let them even watch TV when they were little. That is probably why Liz is so screwd up cuz her life was full of restrictions. She never learned to think on her own. But I always thought the parents were not playing with a full deck, but I got proof when I went to Kansas. Liz wanted so bad to drive out with me to KS, and I wanted her to go too. However, her parents didnt want her to go. But Liz said I am 21 and I have never been anywhere and I am old enough to go. SO she got the plane ticket home to fly into Tampa, cause her parents live 15 minutes away from the airport. Well they kept saying they were not going to pick her up from the airport, and said she would have to pay for a shuttle home and then take a Greyhound back to Gainesville. Oh yeah that will earn you the Parent's of the Year award. 15 minutes away. That is ludacris. Why they hell would they not pick her up. I mean for crying out loud it was her first time alone on a plane. Oh well just thought I would share because I really think it is so thoughtful of her mom for taking us. Oh and of course my mom would go out of her way to pick me up, that is why I am so perfect!

ok now I am getting really excited. not for NY silly cause I get to you use my new suitcase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh ok maybe I am just little excited for New York.

ok some more thinking.... so my boss decided that the office is going to this 4 10 hour day shift thing, even though he is in the office a total 10 hours a week if that! but he has had this mission of getting ahead for the new year. ok so we have like 3 months to go and we are so ahead that we might have nothing to do by august. anyways so he is gone for 3 days this week and the whole weekend too. I just find this out. However he has had us do so much, not to mention he had me by the balls for the past month with this promotion hiring! making me feel as if I was going to get it, and then give it to me anyways! well he calls me today, and i have like 30 tasks to do or get ahead stuff. however though it is so far ahead that a lot of the stuff isnt fesible. Just annoying cause he is never here, and I am trying to do all this stuff just because he asks me even though it is pointless. POINTLESS I TELL YOU! Seriously I didnt even realize this until he called today. Here I was telling him all I had done today, and he was like what about this this and this. Ok but I feel accomplished because I got everything done!!!!! Well for the most part. The stuff that can be done! Now I am ready for New York for sure. Just have some interviews to conduct tomorrow! And then I am off!

current mood: accomplished

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2001
4:54 pm - for the like the seventh consecutive day or something like that
IT IS RAINING!!!!!!!!!

you see Mark remembers a time when it used to get real hot during the day, and then rain around 3 or 4 and cool everything off!

and then for like four years it wouldnt rain at all, and it was so hott, and we had like fires everywhere and smoke too. It was so depressing!!!!!!!!

however it is raining like it used to again!!!!!!! me happy!


current mood: hopeful

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Sunday, June 3rd, 2001
2:13 pm - Me and My Love Life
Is it me, or do these sound like complete oposites, which proves my theory that I have split personalities!

M- You are emotional and intense. When involved in a
relationship, you throw your entire being into it. Nothing stops you; there
are no holds barred. You are all consuming and crave someone who is equally
passionate and intense. You are willing to try anything and
everything. Your supply of sexual energy is inexhaustible. You
are very social and sensual; you enjoy flirting and also enjoy
mothering your mate.

T- You are very sensitive, private, and sexually passive; you
like a partner who takes the lead. Music, soft lights and romantic
thoughts turn you on. You fantasize, but do not tend to fall in and out of
love easily. When in love, you are romantic, idealistic, mushy, and
extremely intense. You enjoy having your senses and your
feelings stimulated, titillated, and teased. You are a great flirt. You can
make your relationships fit your dreams, often at times all in
your own head.

current mood: full

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Saturday, June 2nd, 2001
12:36 am - Mad Stupid Crazy HORNY
Ok no Joyce, no woman in G-ville. I am sad. Nah maybe I am just really horny. thinks I should call a hooker, wait broke no cash, maybe they except credit..... ok I go check.

hehehehehe just kidding. wouldn't want to ruin my credit

watchin spice, but cant jack off!: what's wrong?
I am fine I think
I dont know if anything is wrong
I dont want to say I am lonely
but sometimes it feels that way
even though I know I am not
well tonight Joey and I and all his friends went to Fridays and I just kept seeing all these cute girls on dates
and then this girl I meant about two weeks ago who I thought liked me but hasnt called me in like a week and a half came out of fridays
I dont know if she saw me but I think she did cause when I got home there was a mysterious message from her on my machine
out of the blue I tell you
of course she was with her roommate and two guys
so I didnt want to call her out
but that was just weird
it just seems like the girls I like nowadays arent interested
and I am not used to that

sings "its been awhile"

I have made some stupid decisions with girls
I spent a year and half with a girl that i had nothing in common with but she was so sweet and good to me that it was hard for me to let her go
I was weak and I liked the convience I guess
I was selfish
I took her for granted
and when I left last summer she decided to cheat on me brake up with me and then move me out of my apartment
never thought that would happen in a million years
but I meant someone else
and she was everything I ever wanted
so I thought
but she was a heartbreaker and she was so confused that she felt lying was the best way to deal with problems
oh yes for 6 months we dated and did everything
and seriously I can say that they were the best months of my life
I had never been in love before
but I was with her and probably still am even though she ripped my heart out of my chest
but like most things
we ended as fast as we began
she was young
I was stupid

but like always I have learned from my mistakes
I dont think I have ever grown up more than I did this past year
and now year 22 of my life is over
all this is started immediately after my birthday last year
I feel so much older and wiser now
but some years nothing much happened
but so so much happened this past year
and now only positives have happened in year 23
like getting a full time job
with something I love

so that is a positive however I just wish I had a date, I was supposed to have one tomorrow night but my ex from orlando had to cancel cause she is broke, but its ok cause we are going to be spending 5 days together in New York City, so I am sure we will be sick of each other. We are exs yes and we are friends, but there was a period of like two years that we didnt speak. i moved away she dated a high school drop out, you can see the connection.

it was so weird though cause I met Cas before Liz broke up with me. And the night I met Cas all I did was talk about Melissa.

ok Melissa=going to NYC with, ex from Orlando
Cas= In love with girl
Liz=nothing in common girl

ok now that you are caught up lets move on

so anyways yeah all we did that night we first met was talk about Melissa. I loved talking with Cas it was just so awesome she truly has a gift unlike any other of touching everyone she comes and contact with, so you can see why I thought we were perfect for each other, and then amazingly enough Liz brakes up with me a week later. So the first thing I do is call Melissa only to get her boyfriend who knows who I am yelling at me and then Melissa gets on and hangs up with me. AHhhhhhh closure!She must be a big loser now working as a stripper or something so she can support her drop out bf's drug habbit So I thought. So I move on to Cas thinking this must be fate that I was able to get closure from two girls at the same time. Cas and I had a blast, she was young confused and lied to me. <---- short short version So we dont talk anymore. However mysterious fate thing #2 soon after we broke it off Melissa calls out of the blue. She is so sorry she misses me she thinks of me all the time. Turns out she gets a job that as a secretary and then gets a promotion that pays her 32500 so that she can go to school. So she is living up to the potential I always thought she could. Anyways that brings us to today. Best friends, not sure if we want to date each other, but do love each other just think we need to see others. Great however I am lonely. Or was it horny???

current mood: hopeful

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Thursday, May 31st, 2001
10:43 pm - So you want to know who Jimmy V is!!!!!!

Jimmy V was an amazing man, and a helluva basketball coach. He coached the 1983 NC State Wolfpack to an improbable NCAA Championship! Sadly though Jimmy V lost his battle with cancer, but his soul and heart has lived on for all of those he touched including me!

On one imortal and extremely ill Jimmy V stood before a crowd at ESPN's first ESPY words. In one of the greatest speeches ever delivered by a sports figure, Jimmy V told the audience, "Cancer can touch all my physical things, it can not touch my mind, it can not touch my heart, and it can not touch my soul." Of course that is true for anything in life. Nothing is more scared then your mind your heart and you soul!

Jimmy V

Learn more about Jimmy V

current mood: melancholy

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10:20 pm - Ok so you wanna know where I work!!!!!!!!!

Ok well here is a pictorial view of my home!!!!!!!

This is my office! You think it is too big? They say it is the loudest place in America, but I think it is pretty quiet most days. Nice spot for lunch!

This is Florida Gator Head Coach Steve Spurrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the winningest active coach ever!!!!!! I produce his shows! He are tight!

This is Gator Basketball Coach Billy Donovan!!!!!! We go way back to like when I was 15 and a camper at Rick Pitino's basketball camp. Now his program is one of the best in the nation, and yes I produce all his shows!!!!

Remember if you aint a GATOR you GATOR BAIT!!!!!!!

current mood: hyper

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9:42 pm - We have Late Breaking News coming out of Gainesville tonight!!!!!!
The same school that denined me admission as an 18 year old high school student has just given me my first full time job with full benefits and a 401k that makes my mouth drool just 5 years later. Of course they eventually did except me.

Funny how life throws you a curve ball every once in awhile, but it just goes to show you that if you follow in the immortal words of the late great Jim Valvano, "Don't give up, don't ever give up!" your dreams will infact come true!

current mood: accomplished

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2001
6:33 pm - wut tha
where in the h-e-double hockey sticks is every 1???

current mood: bored

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6:04 pm - You all are a bunch of PERVS!!!!!!!
But me likes it!!!!!!!! Hehehehehe

But 4 reals checks out Heather's Posts. I swear some things can just never be left untold. How many of you are really curious to find out *clears throat (whispers) my penis size? *blushes Depending on the number of responses will I tell or not!!!!!!

current mood: flirty

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5:58 pm - Maybe its just my egotistical self...
But don't like damn sexy today!!!!!!

Me upclose!!!!! Go Sox tonight!!!!!!!

Full body shot. It is tough to take this kind of picture!!!!

So is it me or am I damn sexy today! Be honest, and both positive and negative comments are welcome!!!!!

current mood: flirty

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