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Spoofing Lady Marmalade

Ok so I have decided to write a parody on the song which could in fact be preformed on MTV, but I need everyone's help.

How can you spoof this song?

Tell me
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I'm gonna be meeting mr. foley sometime sunday....he's in ohio with his wife (who's an old friend of my dads) I'll put a good word in for ya...haha
right on!!!!!!!

I just saw him yesterday! We shook hands. Thanks bud!
Well first, I think it should be sung by a bunch of naughty transvestites and drag queens.....
yes I agree, and that is what I had in mind.

But the words are what is hard.
If it was easy, anyone would have done it already. But you better hop to it before Weird Al steals your idea and makes big buckaroos on that thing.
yes m'am

any ideas, who are the the transexuals after or who is after them, also I have come up with a new idea!

Minnesota Love!
*is from MN, have any Minnesota love over here??* I think you should just go for the chorus, hey sister soul sista, first, make some new words out of that, and then tie it into the rest, it'll be fine...!