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My lunch today!!!

my lunch was awesome, I went out with all
my former workers at ROCK104 and we went to Olive Garden. It was the
waitresses birthday so I got the whole place including a group of kids to
sing her Happy Birthday. She just stood there and blushed it was way cute.
She invited me to her party tonight. Yes! anyways yeah so I had fun, I miss
being on the radio. everyone just sat there and told me how much fun I was
and stuff. ahhh my ego! I love olive garden too. It has to be one of the
best resturante around. well that is cheap anyways. and you are always full
when you walk out of there. cause of the salad and bread sticks alone. I
had egg plant parmesean just like momma used to make!
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If you insist on being so happy all the time I'm just going to take you back off my friends list! heh
ok =)

you've disappeared! I take it you must still be working on that moulin rouge parody
Well isn't that just grand. :) You leave a comment on my journal and disappear again. Just wanted to say hi.
HEY!!!!! i have that ESPN poster that is hanging in your backround!!! wow...well i found it amusing i guess! lol
wait a minute!!!!

are you a theif like me????? I stole that sign like 4 years ago when ESPN was here for a Basketball game against Kentucky. Dickie V signed it too!!!! Too bad I am bored with ESPN now but I love Dickie V. I will be NYC this week working with him actually.

that is funny that you read my entry cause I havent entered in it for over a year!


who are you by the way
what happened to you?

nothing has happened!!!!

I am just am a work-a-holic

how are you

Deleted comment

how was she fake

Deleted comment

I am confused

who was she, who's idenity did she steal

how did you find out

Deleted comment

well I knew she was shady but I just took it as a girl with massive issues

she called me a couple of times so I know she was real in a sense

Deleted comment

yeah after the whole twins thing that died that is when I said seeeee-ya cause I knew that couldnt have been true. Whatever.

You know what was weird though was how a stranger sends me a comment out of nowhere and it made me start looking through my friends list and check on people. So I went to Amber's who I knew had Cancer to check on her and I read her last entry and it was response to a Heather comment which said that out of all of the people on her friends list that dont post anymore she would never delete me or Amber.

I thought that was weird.

hey take down my aim name tmark0022 and im me