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Maybe its just my egotistical self...

But don't like damn sexy today!!!!!!

Me upclose!!!!! Go Sox tonight!!!!!!!

Full body shot. It is tough to take this kind of picture!!!!

So is it me or am I damn sexy today! Be honest, and both positive and negative comments are welcome!!!!!
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I aint making any remarks on how someone looks except chanting "GO YANKEES, GO YANKEES".

A big game tonight and I am very very very excited and look forward to watching. Hopefully another duel between pedro and mussina.
Hmmm... no comment.
oh come on!!!!
ooh oooh, damn sessy!!

thank you very much I think :)

I thought I looked sexy but what do ya think am I going to get any tonight?
SOMEONE's looking damn good today!!! :) Lookin' confident!!! :) Confidence is always sexy!
mark you're always hot stuff...
now tell me how big your penis is!!!
You're dead sexy baby!
You look damn sexy, but the red sox hat has to go