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So you want to know who Jimmy V is!!!!!!

Jimmy V was an amazing man, and a helluva basketball coach. He coached the 1983 NC State Wolfpack to an improbable NCAA Championship! Sadly though Jimmy V lost his battle with cancer, but his soul and heart has lived on for all of those he touched including me!

On one imortal and extremely ill Jimmy V stood before a crowd at ESPN's first ESPY words. In one of the greatest speeches ever delivered by a sports figure, Jimmy V told the audience, "Cancer can touch all my physical things, it can not touch my mind, it can not touch my heart, and it can not touch my soul." Of course that is true for anything in life. Nothing is more scared then your mind your heart and you soul!

Jimmy V

Learn more about Jimmy V
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wow mark...*wipes tear away* from one jimmy v fan to another...this is beautiful!!
I miss him!!!!!

I met Dickie V and told how much I loved Jimmy and me and Dick became instant friends!

I don't know if you can see the ESPN sign in the back of some of my pics. But Dick signed it!!!
Mark, what does ESPN stand for?
ESPN actually does not stand for anything! Believe it or not. They were just the call letters the network decided on!
Hey Kid,
The only other time I have heard of this fellow was about 3 years ago. A friend of mine wrote a story about him in a competition (one that I was also in) against thousands of other students, and his story about Jimmy V won him 1 of 10 scholarships each worth 40,000 bones.
Must be a powerful story.